Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund
International Student Conferences
"Peace and Cooperation in South-East Europe"
2011 8. Tetovo, "The Role of Youth in European Society & The Open-minded Traveler in the Balkans"
2010 7. Thessaloniki, "What is a Minority? Should Minorities Have Special Rights?"
2009 6B. Skopje, "20 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Lessons for the Balkans"
2009 6A. Skopje, "Identifying Common Balkan Concerns in an Era of Global Crisis"
2008 5. Thessaloniki, "Borders and Nations: What is their Role in the Europe of the Future?"
2007 4. Skopje, “The Role of Balkan Youth Towards EU Integration”
2006 3. Thessaloniki, "The Balkans in 10 Years - Imagine!"
2005 2. Skopje, "Would It Be in the Interest of South-East Europe if Turkey Became a Member of the European Union?"
2004 1. Skopje, "Does the European Union Offer a Prospect for Lasting Peace in South-East Europe?"
Dr. Vincent C. Müller, Anatolia College/ACT
Dr. Josif Tanevski, Pharmachem, Skopje
Participating Institutions:
American College of Thessaloniki
Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
FON University, Skopje
Macedonia University, Thessaloniki
NY University, Skopje
South-East European University, Tetovo
St. Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje
University of Western Macedonia, Florina
State University of Tetova
Information about the Fund
The Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund was set up after the untimely death of our recent graduate, with the support of his family, faculty, fellow students and friends.
The moderate funds collected are used to award a fellowship each year to an undergraduate student at ACT - typically the award is of 2500Euro.
We decide on the scholarship on the basis of an annual essay competition with a theme within "Peace and Cooperation in South-East Europe".
The jury consists of 5 academics, 3 from ACT, 1 from a Greek university outside and 1 from a FYR Macedonian university.
On the theme of the essay competition, we also organize an international student conference, normally alternating between Skopje and Thessaloniki.