Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund
7th International Student Conference
American College of Thessaloniki
14. May 2010
10:00-17:00, ACT New Building, AV-Room
"What is a Minority? Should Minorities Have Special Rights?"    
Vincent C. Müller, Anatolia College/ACT (with G. Angelopoulos & I Lagani, UoM)
Josif Tanevski & Aleksandra P. Gorin, BTMF Skopje Press Coverage
Henri Bohnet & Arben Xhellili, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Skopje
10:00 Registration      
10:30 Welcome from the organizers Dr. Josif Tanevski (Aleksandra P. Gorin), Dr. Vincent C. Müller, Henri Bohnet Pharmachem / ACT / KAS Moderator: Dr. Wisner, ACT
10:40 "After the Ottoman Empire: Minorities in the Balkan Nation-States" Dr. Konstantinos Tsitselikis University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki. Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies  
11:30 "Rights and Minorities: The Case of Bulgaria" Karina Toneva & Plamen Panov Borjan Tanevski Scholars 2010, ACT  
12:00 Coffee Break      
12:30 "Ethnic and Religious Map of the Republic of Macedonia" Daniel Josifovski, Sanja Stojanovska, Maja Todorovska, Ivan Stojanovski, Robert Janev Student group St. Cyril & Methodius University & FON, Skopje Moderator: Dr. Angelopoulos, UoM
12:50 "Two Kinds of Minorities in the Balkans" Sarin Balasanyan, Ira Bliatka, Dimitris Lais Student group Aristotle University, Thessaloniki  
13:10 "The Ohrid Agreement" Fisnik Oseku, Bukurie Etemi, Adelina Morina, Fatos Veliu Student group SEEU, Tetovo  
13:30 Lunch Break (& Campus Tour)      
14:30 "Minorities and Forced Migrations in Interwar Europe and Beyond" Dr. Dr. Eftihia Voutira University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki. Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies Moderator: Dr. Manos, UWM
15:20 "Nationalism and Minorities in Greece and Turkey" Bilje Özdemir, Hélène Trimaille Student group University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki  
15:40 Coffee Break      
16:10 "Interethnic Coexistence - How to Make the Republic of Macedonia a More Cohesive Society" Kamberi Drenusha, Vladica Maleska, Mexhit Rexhepi, Deniz Memeti, Rudina Pasholi State University of Tetova & NYUS Moderator: Dr. Müller, ACT
16:30 "Exploring Minority Issues in the Region of Florina: An Anthropological Perspective" Evdokia Kyriakopoulou, Sophia Triantaphyllou Student group University of Western Macedonia, Florina  
16:50 Closing Remarks Dr. Vincent C. Müller ACT  
[Nota bene: Invited speakers are expected to leave 10-15 minutes for discussion, students 5-10 minutes.]
Participants' Institutions:
American College of Thessaloniki
Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
FON University, Skopje
NY University, Skopje
South-East European University, Tetovo
St. Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje
State University of Tetova
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki
University of Western Macedonia, Florina
Annual B. Tanevski Conferences since 2004      
We are extremely grateful to the generous sponsors of the 2010 conference.    
Without them, this event would not have taken place. Thank You!      
Petros Apostolidis
(Trustee, Anatolia College)