VII International Student Conference of Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund in cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung



20 after the fall of the Berlin wall: lessons for the Balkans






14-15 November 2009

Skopje, Macedonia













Organisation and Concept:          

Henri Bohnet                                             Josif Tanevski               

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung                         Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund

Auslandsbüro Mazedonien                          Kicevska 1

Maksim Gorki 16/kat 3                               MK- 1060 Skopje

MK-1000 Skopje                                       Phone: +389-2-20-31-193

Phone: +389-2-323-11-22       

Fax: +389-2-313-52-90                    Web:


Prof. Irene Lagani

University of Macedonia, Greece




Conntact person/Assistance:       Arben Xhelili

                                                    Program Coordinator


                                                    Mobile:          +389 70 34 14 06



Emilija Tudzarovska – Gjorgjievska Sandra Koljackova

Program Assistant                          Program Assistant

Konrad-Adenauer – Stiftung            Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Mobiile:  +389 70 506 355              Mobile: +389 70 379 396  E-Mail:


Location:                                      FON University

                                                    Vojvodina bb

                                                    MK-1000  Skopje


Working language:                       English (no translation)



Saturday, 14 November 2009


From 9:30                    Registration of the participants


10:00                           Official opening of the conference    


                                    Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Nikolovski

                                    Rector of FON University


                                    Josif Tanevski

                                    Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund, Skopje


Henri Bohnet, Official Representative      of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Skopje


10:15-11:00                Opening Statements:   

                                    Sonja Bohnet

                                    First secretary in the German Embassy in Skopje


                                    Eleni Petroula

Secretary of Embassy, Liaison office of the Hellenic Republic in Skopje


Dieter Thiel

Head of operations section of the European Commission in Skopje



11:00 – 11:45     Showing of: “The fall of the Berlin Wall” –

                           short movie


11:45 – 13:30     Students work in groups on the topic:


The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall: are there lessons for the Balkans?


“Walls in the mind: What I learned from the fall of the Berlin Wall”

                                             Prof. Vincent Müller, American

                                             College of Thessaloniki, Greece


Moderation of the working groups


                                    Ivanka Dodovska      

                                    Assistant professor

                                    Cyril and Methodius University


                                    Besa Kadriu

                                    Assitant professor

                                    SEEU University


                                    Kristina Kocevska

                                    KAS Alumni Scholar



                                    Eniser Selmanoska

                                    Cyril and Methodius University


                                    Tomislav Jovanovski

                                    Cyril and Methodius University


13:30 – 14:30              Lunch Buffet


14:30 – 15:00              Presentation of the results of the working groups



15:00 – 15:45              Evaluations and comments

What do Greek students learn about the recent past on the Balkan peninsula?


                                    Prof. Irini Lagani

                                    University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki


Understanding the lessons of the past: can diplomacy break the stalemate in the name talks?


                                    Prof. Nano Ruzin

                                    FON University, Skopje


Understanding the lessons of the past: in what way can the Albanian public contribute to solve our bilateral problems?


                                    Prof. Veton Latifi

                                    SEE University, Tetovo

President of the institute for democracy and development


15:45 – 16:15              Coffee break


Macedonia and Greece in 2020: an expert view into the near future

16:15 – 16:45              Prof. Ylber Sela

                                    State University of Tetovo, Tetovo


                                    Prof. Lazar Lazarevski

                                    Professor from FON University


16:45 – 17:15              Closing remarks

                                    Prof. Vincent Müller

                                    American College of Thessaloniki, Greece


                                    Henri Bohnet

                                    Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Skopje


17:30                           International Dinner

                                    Restaurant Krigla

                                    Bul. Ilinden bb