Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund
5th International Student Conference
American College of Thessaloniki
24. October 2008
10:00-17:00, New Building, AV-Room
Borders and Nations: What is their role in the Europe of the future?    
10:00 Registration      
10:30 Welcome from the organizers Dr. Josif Tanevski
Dr. Vincent C. Müller
  Moderator: Dr. Wisner, ACT
10:40 "Us and Them": Roles of Nation States in South-East Europe Yanis Tsorbatzoglou Anatolia College, Coordinator SEECI  
11:20 On the Road to Europe: Economical and Institutional Integration of the Western Balkans Dr. Jens Bastian European Agency for Reconstruction  
12:00 Coffee Break      
12:20 Borders and Nations Kiril Angelov ACT, Borjan Tanevski Scholar 2008 Moderator: Dr. Angelopoulos, MU
12:40 Transformations of Public Discourse in a Greek Border Region Dimitris Gkintidis Macedonia University  
13:00 Borders and Nations Erhan Adem, Ana Mitrovska, Alberto Zejnel Student group, FON University  
13:20 Greek Entrepreneurship in Skopje Dimitris Arampatzidis, Maria Brozou, Aggela Chatzidimitriou, Grammatiki Michailidou Mauromichali Student group, Aristotle University  
13:40 Lunch Break      
14:30 "The Borders of our Minds": Borders and Nations in the Balkans Prof. Denko Maleski St. Cyril & Methodius University Moderator: Dr. Manos, UWM
15:00 Borders and Nations Erlin Agikj, Goce Goceski, Albulena Karaga, Vladica Maleska, Katerina Tumbovska Student group, NYU Skopje  
15:20 Borders, Nations and States in Europe and the Balkans: Towards Division or Coexistence? Kyriakopoulou Evdokia, Barbas Stylianos, Despolari Nella Student group, University of Western Macedonia  
15:40 Coffee Break      
16:00 Borders and Nations Karina Toneva ACT, Borjan Tanevski Scholar 2008 Moderator: Dr. Stilianou, AUTh
16:20 Borders and Nations Bojan Andonov, Maja Cvetkovska Student group, South-East European University  
16:40 Borders and Nations Marina Ljubisavljevikj, Martin Nikolikj Student group, St. Cyril & Methodius University  
17:00 Closing Remarks Dr. Vincent C. Müller    
[Nota bene: Invited speakers are expected to leave at least 10 minutes for discussion, students at least 5 minutes.]
Dr. Vincent C. Müller, Anatolia College/ACT
Dr. Josif Tanevski, Pharmachem, Skopje
Participating Institutions:
American College of Thessaloniki
Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
FON University, Skopje
Macedonia University, Thessaloniki
NY University, Skopje
South-East European University, Tetovo
St. Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje
University of Western Macedonia, Florina
Previous Conferences 2002-2007
We are very grateful to the generous sponsors of the 2008 conference:
Papers and Photos from the Conference PDF
Photos (1. Presenter Yanis Tsorbatzoglou)
(2. One of the 2008 Scholars: Kyril Angelov)
(3. Audience - in foreground Professos Maleski & Maleska)